The Best Options for Buy-To-Let Properties

There has always been a large interest in London for buy-to-let investors. Whether investing to make a rental profit or to use rental profit to save money for another home purchase, buy-to-let is a major investment opportunity.

London is full of desirable locations for renting properties out. It provides residents from all economic backgrounds with the opportunity to experience quality living.

As there are properties available for buyers looking for either affordable or luxury rentals, there are many opportunities for becoming a landlord and receiving a large profit.

Purchasing property for renting out, a buyer doesn’t need to purchase a luxury property in none of the world-renowned expensive districts. Entering the buy-to-let market can be easily done with a low budget.

Not all the 32 Boroughs are as busy and fast as London’s central boroughs. East London is seen as one of the hotspots for buy-to-let opportunities. Many homes in suburban villages in the east of London are seen as the top choices among many individuals looking to invest in buy-to-rent properties.

These Two Areas are the most popular among buy-to-rent investors.


If you are thinking of purchasing a property for Buy-To-Let somewhere upmarket but still affordable on a smaller budget, Wandsworth Council will be building more than 3000 homes of luxurious value in the Battersea area, which is perfect for renting out. The properties in the areas are predicted to increase in value when the planned luxury homes are finished.

The area of Battersea power station will be undergoing a multibillion remodelling, providing more comfort and ease of living to residents in the area. A social and economic hub is also in plans when the remodelling of the PowerStation is finished, providing fun activities and socialisation with the rest of the neighbourhood.


Newham is among one of the most popular areas for investing in Buy-To-Let properties. The average rent to be made monthly is just under £1,500, which is quite astonishingly a positive amount for a small investment.

Purchasing a moderate home in Newham can cost £356,000, providing a moderate luxury home catered to be rented to individuals with different budgets.

Newham is in close distance to London, providing short trips when needed to travel to London. Newham has many great activities, and recreational areas for the community, including 10 Libraries and is seen as one of the best neighbourhoods in London for Education.



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