The real estate market can be seen as a vital service to the public and the UK economy. Real estate in the UK is seen as the largest real estate sector in Europe. In London, the population is high, with over 8.5 million residents providing vital services to the public such as buying, selling, valuations, and more.

This website is dedicated to informing the public about all the latest statistics, facts, and advice about the real estate market and how it unfolds in London especially.

The real estate market in the UK has a large and growing presence in online real estate. Online real estate works together with agents present on portals about property buying and selling. On this website, there are facts and insights into the online real estate market in the UK. The online market can be seen as a vital way of investing in property.

Domestic real estate represented the largest non-financial assets in the UK, worth over £5.1 trillion in 2014. The domestic real estate market proves just how much of a substantial role it plays in the UK market.

The services provided by estate agents are detailed in many of the articles found on Hamilton Wood and provides vital knowledge to buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

The primary service presented by real estate agencies is to help buyers and sellers with complicated processes active in the market. The agents mainly act as mediators between the buyers and sellers. Making use of a licensed real estate agent can provide much more vital services and knowledge to assist in buying and selling.